Building Ikea worktop desks.


I finally took a big leap in my life and said a giant ‘fuck you’ to landlords and decided to buy my first place in London.

One of the main things for my girlfriend and I was a room that we could designate for an office, as both our jobs involve working from home. We got, what we would call a very decently sized flat in South London (the best London) and with it, a decently sized additional bedroom that would be our home office.

The plan was to build 2 identical desks to save on cost and this post will be how I have gone about that.

Now, I must stress that I am not a big DIYer, so anything seen here is just me winging it and reading bits and bobs from the internet, so there will most likely be things I should have done better, alas, life is a journey.
Having said that, this is not a how-to by any stretch of the imagination, just me blogging about something new to me.

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