Unlimited Plex Storage via Google Drive And Rclone

What’s this now? This post is going to walk through how to create a Plex server with a Google drive backend for ‘unlimited’ storage. There are a few caveats explained below, reoccurring costs and a variety of ways to achieve this, but this will be the Muffin way. I go into a lot of detail … Read moreUnlimited Plex Storage via Google Drive And Rclone

Building (another) NAS.

Building Another NAS.

A lot has changed in my life over the last 6 months or so, moving out of my flat and quitting my job to travel the world only to have 2020 suck all meaning out of every fibre of my being making me yearn for the eventuality of Earth being obliterated into inexistence, but until that time my storage as of late left much to be desired.

I have been reminded, daily, by my Macbook that my last backup was almost 1 year ago and on top of this the storage I use at home is nearing it’s capacity as well as being degraded. I’ve been overlooking these things for quite some time but I have finally decided to remedy the situation.

Join me on my newest endeavour to build a new NAS, or don’t of course.

Read moreBuilding (another) NAS.

Building a compact, quiet, low powered ESXi/Storage Whitebox Hybrid

Intro. So it’s that time of year again when my girlfriend and I decided we wanted to move, after a few months of searching we found a very cosy (and a not so cosy rent price to go with it) flat in Zone 1/2, London. Without boring you with a life story, the aim of … Read moreBuilding a compact, quiet, low powered ESXi/Storage Whitebox Hybrid

Muffin’s Colo Upgrade

Intro; So a lot of you read and enjoyed my colocation post a while back and since then things have been going well. I’ve used the colo’d host pretty heavily and it’s been serving me great for what I needed it for, my public facing applications have never been happier. I have since deployed cool things like … Read moreMuffin’s Colo Upgrade

Muffin’s New Storage

Intro, A look back into the past. So a while ago, I posted this rundown of my Plex server and storage setup for media, and it got some traction, which is nice. In that post I mentioned that my storage setup left a lot to be desired and I had issues with it, let me … Read moreMuffin’s New Storage

Muffin Goes Colo

It’s colo time baby! So for a while now I have been toying with the idea of putting my own hardware up in ‘the cloud’ but due to the enormous prices for a homelabber I decided against it many times but now, however, I found a deal that was too good to pass up (considering … Read moreMuffin Goes Colo

HomeLab Update August 2016

Here we are again! 1 whole year after my initial Homelab rundown and I’m back with another one. I’ve made a lot of changes in the past year, some significant, some not so much and some of the main ones still a WIP. I was originally supposed to have a rundown in March but life got … Read moreHomeLab Update August 2016

Building a Rackmount Storage Server

Surprisingly, I don’t have any backups of my stuff. Apart from my Microserver Gen8 FreeNAS replication project which was necessary for my photos and personal media I don’t have any backups of my VM hosts, laptops or machines I use everyday which is very, very bad. A lot of my stuff is stored on RAID or RAID-like … Read moreBuilding a Rackmount Storage Server

Muffin’s Plex Server

I’ve gotten a few requests from various places to show my Plex server to the world, this is not by any means as good as it gets but it is mine and it works phenomenally. I’ve had a lot of concurrent streams with this thing and it’s yet to break a sweat.

HomeLab Update August 2015

Welcome to Muffin’s first Homelab rundown! I’ll explain what’s going on along the way, just sit back and scroll. Before getting too much into it I’ll just leave this diagram here, it may help understand things a bit better:

HP MicroServer Gen8 storage & Syncronisation across the internet

This plan didn’t work as intended. I had to come back to the drawing board and rethink/simplify some stuff. I have left everything as-is up to the point of failure incase it’s important to anyone and it really makes no sense to delete it. Below is what I wanted to do and a few of … Read moreHP MicroServer Gen8 storage & Syncronisation across the internet

Revisiting MicroServer Gen8 storage & Syncronisation across the internet

If you’re reading this revision first it’s probably better to read my initial plan as well before continuing as there are more details outlined there as to my overall goal and information about the hardware setup. You can read this here. Right, so, at this point I was to make a post about how I setup … Read moreRevisiting MicroServer Gen8 storage & Syncronisation across the internet

HP MicroServer Gen8 Setup & Upgrade

After a long ordeal with Britan’s worst courier service (Yodel, for those of you unaware) I finally received most of my parts which is good enough to make a start, so here it all is;

Installing FreeNAS on a HP MicroServer Gen8

FreeNAS will install just fine on the MS without any modifications and everything seems to work just fine, so i’ll skim over the install and add some detail to the configuration I used. As of writing this the current stable version of FreeNAS is 9.3. All that needs to be done is to download the … Read moreInstalling FreeNAS on a HP MicroServer Gen8

Installing and configuring VmWare ESXI on HP MicroServer GEN8

Installing ESXI on most machines is relatively easy, and the MicroServer Gen8 is no different, I won’t go into too much detail on the installation/configuration as it’s childsplay. Note: I used iLO to configure all of this as per my last post on this project. iLO standard only allows you to control the machine over the network up to … Read moreInstalling and configuring VmWare ESXI on HP MicroServer GEN8

Installing virtual machines in ESXI

Right so this is where things start to change quite a bit between these two boxes, and I’ll explain best I can. The box at my mother’s house, now known was MUFFHOST04, or MUFF04, needs to have pfsense running on it as well as FreeNAS. I can create a ptp link using DDWRT (what she has right now) … Read moreInstalling virtual machines in ESXI

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